Monday, September 21, 2009

Haemotodipsomania - Promo 2009. 90%

Haemotodipsomania is a slamming brutal death/pornogrind band from Jacksonville, Florida. This is their four track promo demo from this year.

These guys play brutal as shit, midpaced, slamming brutal death metal. They do not use a guitar, rather they use a distorted bass. Now, you'd expect this to sound bad or incoherent, but the bass tone is actually very natural, gritty, dirty and perfect for this music. You can hear everything as well, every riff is easily heard and enjoyed. The riffs are all heavy and groove-laden, brutal, albeit simple, and quite easy to headbang to. This is by all means party music, very fun, and very brutal.

The vocals go along with the riffs nicely. The vocalist is using a pitchshifter for sure, but I also hear some other kind of processor, which sounds great. They go perfectly with the music, in time and in rhythm. Drums are good, not much to say about them, they do their job, and sound good, not much variety in the beats, but this is alright.

To conclude the review, this is a solid slab of groovy death/grind, fun to sit down and relax to. Reccomended for fans of Torsofuck, Gorerotted and Devourment.


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