Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Onicectomy- Promo 2008

Onicectomy is a slamming brutal death metal band hailing from Italy. Their style can be described as brutal and fast, with an occasional slam breakdown to punch you're fucking face in!

The riffs off of this cd are very memorable, it's pretty fast, but not so fast you can't hear the guitar. The guitar players are very talented, and good songwriters, they make use of various tecqniqeus throughout, and it really is a perfect combination of fast, slow, and mid-paced riffs.

The bass for this is the best brutal death/grind bass I've heard since Neoanderthals, in most songs it is audiable, and it just sounds really good. I can't really describe it, but it's good.

I also really like the drums because they do their blasting job most of the time, but the drummer also knows when to slow down into some groove beats. I wish more death metal bands drummed like this guy.

The vocals for this are mostly gutturals reminicant of Putrid Pile, but there is an occasional pig squeal or scream here and there, making for some nice variation, which I love in brutal death metal. The vocals also go along great with the guitar.

In conclusion, this is a fuckin kick ass CD by a great up and coming brutal death/grind band, I'd definitly fuckin reccomend you hit the band up! =] 9/10

Their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/onicectomy

Monday, February 2, 2009

Dyscrasia- Septical Stomach Pumped Remnants Review

Dyscrasia is a slam oreinted brutal death metal band. They aren't your regular brutal death band. They have a very equal mix of slams and fast, blasting times. There was no lyrics, triggers, effects, or sobriety used in the making of this album, lol.

The guitar for this album has one of the best tones that I've heard in brutal death metal, espesially when the palm muting kicks in. It's just so fucking heavy. Groovy as well. The guitar seems to like to do high notes that sharply contrast with low notes seconds later, this is a welcome change. Brutal riffs.

The bass follows the guitar closely so the same as the above applies here.

The drums can do some kick ass blasts, and have a great snare sound.

The vocals and guitar are the best things of this album. The vocals consist of not the regular death growl but two other variants of it. There is this amazing pig noise he makes, no, not a pig squeal. It's more like a pig grunt, it is low, not high like a squeal. It is entertaining and great. The other is his take on the death growl, where he makes an "OAHHHHHEEHHH" sound like a machine, but no vocal effects. This is definitly the highlight of this album.

This album is out of print so you won't be able to get it from the band, but they have an abundance of them on Amazon for about 12 dollars and I'm sure there are a bunch on Ebay. I reccomend you get this, all brutal death/grind/slam/ fans. Heil.

Dyscrasia myspace: www.myspace.com/frenziedmeat

Pentagram- Relentless Review

Pentagram is an early 80's classic doom metal band, around the time and about the style of Black Sabbath, Witchfinder General and Candlemass. This is by no means a Black Sabbath worship band, they have a style all their own. Lyrics about the occult, graves, cool shit like that.

The guitar of this album is heavy, mid-paced, and bass heavy. The solos are great, obvious blues, rock and Jimi Hendrix influences. Catchy riffs, cool beat, just some great ass doom meal guitar here.

The bass is pretty inaudiable, but you know it's there. It helps with that bass-heavy guitar sound that I was talking about earlier in the post.

The drums are really good, they keep the beat, have some nice fills too, and even a little drum solo here and there on this album. Great drums.

The vocals are one of the best things about this album. They are clean, rock vocals in the style of Ozzy, exept a bit deeper, and to be honest, better.

Anyways, this is an essensial for all classic doom fans out there, I reccomend you snatch this one up. I reccomend for fans of doom, rock, blues, heavy metal, and thrash. 91/100

Heinous Killings - Hung With Barbwire Review

At the time of this recording, Heinous Killings was a one man band of Joe Wolfe. They have a full line up at this time, but this was a recording of Joe Wolfe. He is the most insane vocalist in Brutal Death Metal, you will never hear anything like him. NEVER. Heinous Killings is the best brutal death metal band fucking ever. This is no-frills, slam oreinted, guttural death metal. No vocal effects. Best BDM you Will ever hear.

The guitar is breathtaking. It has speedy, brutal, low riffs which are all really great, but the slams are best. The slams are groovy, brutal, you can't help but headbang to them. They are catchy as Dying Fetus and more brutal than Gutrot. Brutal gore groove.

Bass is pretty much inaudiable, but I can feel it sometimes and it is a good backbone to the slamming groove guitar.

Drums are programmed, but the snare sounds really good and the cymbals get great rythem.

Now, for the best part of this album, the fucking amazing vocals. The vocals are comprised of three vocal teqniqes, guttural death growls, inhale gutturals, and this...amazing, machine gun growl that sounds like the Predator. It is absolutley crazy, you need to hear it to beleive it. No one knows how he produces these vocals and where they come from. Listen to a couple of their songs on Youtube or Myspace (www.myspace.com/heinouskillings) and you will definitly see what I mean. Joe Wolfe takes his rightful throne as sickest vocalist ever.

This is the best brutal death metal album, by the best brutal death band. It is vital for any deathead's collection. Reccomended for fans of death metal, grindcore, deathgrind, goregrind, and groovy slam metal. You will love this.

Ashes- Nihlist Reveiw

Ashes is a depressive black metal project from the United States. This 7 song demo is Ashes' second release. This is depressive black metal at some of it's best. You can tell when you listen to this that it is pure fucking emotion through music. This CD is not you're typical DSBM that you are seeing popping up all over. It has some very unique elements to it. This has solos, and I can definitly hear some blues influence here.

The guitar on this album is comprised of slow, heavily distorted, guitar power chords and sweet, soft, and beautiful acoustic guitar passages. The electric is really great, it helpes to just set the mood of what this album is about, sorrow, sadness, hate.... The solos are an original and wonderful aspect to Ashes' brand of depressive black metal. The solos are obviously influenced by classic heavy metal, but they don't take anything away from the mood, they are extremely well placed and I was happily surprised to find them here. The acoustic is soft, slow, riffs that put you in a total other world. They are not too technical, too fast, but mid-paced, and beautiful. I know this sounds strange, but they really enhance whatever you are feeling. It's a little like weed, lol.

The vocals are another amazing aspect to this work of art. They seem not like screams to sing, but screams of desolation, screams of pain. At times, the singer even weeps on recording. These are great vocals, fucking awesome.

I can't hear much bass, but I'm sure it's good.

Drums are pretty good, they do their job.

To sum things up, this is a great DSBM album, with original twists to it. I would suggest to any fans of black metal, death metal, gothic metal, or maybe even some heavy metal fans who are looking for something a little more extreme. I suggest you go contact the dude for the CD right now. 87/100.

Rusty Eye- Rust N Roll Review

Rusty Eye is a progressive metal act that fuses rock, metal and extreme metal elements together in a great combination of music. Here we have their first full length, Rust N Roll. This album is very good, and different than most modern traditional metal acts because it does not get boring and it stays interesting throughout the entire album, it does not just use the same old recycled riffs over and over. These are a group of very talented songwriters, they can play all kinds of shit from punk to soft acoustic and hard rock.

The guitar in this album is great, it has great tone, riffs are kind of technical, and fast. The riffs seem to fit along perfectly with the vocals. The solos are good, they are some speedy shit, it reminds me of Iron Maiden.

The bass is totally kick ass when you can hear it. It is audiable at times, and when it is, its a kick ass groove, again somewhat reminicant of Iron Maiden and Death. There are a few bass solos in this album, they are fucking awesome, really kick ass bass.

The vocale pretty good. Personally, I like them, but I don't know if everyone would. They have a heavy accent to them, though, some may like it, others may not. It is dirty and gritty as well, kind of a little bit more melodic version of 80's hardcore punk vocals.

The drums are good, but there's not much to be said about them. They kick ass if you listen to them, and they do their job. Not much else to say about these drums.

In conclusion, this is a great metal/rock album, I recomend to any fans of thrash/crossover, heavy metal, rock, progressive, and any of that. Definitly worth checking out. 89/100.