Friday, May 1, 2009

Puter Deus- Anti All

Puter Dues is a one man black metal project, and this 2 song demo is (I think) their first release.

This, being a black metal demo, is of course very raw. The production on this is pretty bad, not horrible, but it could be better. I guess it does add a bit to the atmostphere, but I personally prefer a Burzum or Darkthrone style production.

On this, there are two tracks. Enter The Path To Tranquility and Anti-All.

Enter the Path To Tranquility is very good. It is very strange and weird, in a good way, it is definitly reminicent of Behemoth's first demo. It starts out with organ and synthesysed violin in a strange melody. About a 30 seconds into the song, it has a singing angelic choir and it brings in a distorted guitar. The feeling it gives off is definitly the best part about this song. It gives a feeling of grandness, but also chaos. It's hard for me to describe, but this song hits me hard. This is definitly a very good peice.

The second and final song of this demo is Anti-All. I have to say, I fucking love this title. The song is more straightforward than the first one. It is more a raw, thrashy, black metal song. It has guitar tone that I can really appreciate, there's a lot of treble and not much bass, a pretty good tone for black metal. The vocals are good, and would be even better if the recording quality was better. These are like a better version of Dimmu's vocals. Good shit =]

To conclude this, this is a pretty solid demo, very good for a first release, and enjoyable, with a kick-ass atmosphere as well. I'd suggest you hit this guy up on myspace