Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vomit Trough - It's Grind!

Vomit Trough is a death/grind band from the USA and I believe this is their debut EP called "It's Grind". When I first see the CD, I wasn't expecting that much, just some cool noisy grind, when I pop it into my computer to listen to, within about 30 seconds I realized it was a lot better than what I had expected. It fucking hits you with an awesome bass intro to "Stained By Stench" and then speeds up with a kick ass riff that is fast as hell. The vocals then kick in, and are a raw yelling style, which I like. Something I would like to point out is how fast this album is, but it is still catchy, I can hear and remember the riffs easily, and it is also somewhat technical, and great musicianship. Throughout the whole listen, it doesn't get boring, they manage always to keep things blasting but also keep things very interesting. This is near perfect grind guitar, really kickass. The bass in this album is great too, it has a few solos, and I fucking love bass solos! Drum machine in this album is pretty good, has a bit of variety in the beats, not just constant blasting, so they did a pretty good job with the drummachine. The vocals are cool, just kind of shouting like an 80's death/thrash vocalist. I like it, I just wish there was a bit more variety, maybe some growling and screaming along with the yells. Also, my only other complaint is there is not enough slow riffs or grooves, I love midpaced and slow brutality, this would be even better if it had some groove riffs.

In concusion, this is an above average death/grind EP, very enjoyable, fucking kickass grind, very little flaws, and I definitly reccomend it to any grind fans. 91/100.

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